Sitting in the midst of 25,000+ people at Hillsong Conference, I am totally overwhelmed. Overwhelmed not by the fact that there is over 25,000 people there, or the fact that there are many phenomenal world renown preachers and teachers sitting a few metres away from me, or the fact that the worship band is incredible. But overwhelmed by Jesus. 

For so long I have been living life longing for the future, longing for what I don’t have but think I should have, always wanting to be at the next step of life because thats when Il feel content and really live it up. 

I haven’t really wanted to live in the now, because the now if full of regrets, shames, insecurities and unanswered questions. But if I am in the next step I would have sorted all of this stuff out by then….

But as I sit here I am completely overwhelmed as my precious Jesus takes hold of my regrets and shames and insecurities and unanswered questions that burden me and takes them to the cross. I am overwhelmed as he takes my life full of screw ups and ruins and puts his glorious stamp on it. Jesus didn’t owe me anything, He didn’t deserve to be crucified, those were my sins he got put to death for, He was the one who did nothing wrong. And yet He did it, He paid the price so I could be free. AND he doesn’t hold it against me. He doesn’t look at me with resentment for what He had to go through. He looks at me with eyes so full of love and longing for relationship with me. All of the things that I have held onto for so long that I thought were important look very insignificant next to Jesus. All of the things I have been longing for are worth nothing without Jesus.

My precious Jesus is more than enough.

Such a seemingly simple revelation – yet a revelation that transforms peoples lives. So many people don’t know. So many people need to hear this truth about Jesus. Jesus didn’t just die for this fancy preachers and teachers and pastors, he didn’t just die for the nice church congregations. He did it for every single one of us. Those that don’t know him at all, those that say his name in vain every 5 minutes, those that have turned their back on him, those that have messed up big time, those that are broken hearted. He died for every single one of them. Even those that will never call upon his name…he still loves them and died for them. 

‘Now my debt is paid, it is paid in full. By the precious blood that my Jesus spilled. Now the curse of sin has no hold on me. Who the Son sets free Oh is free indeed.’  – Man of Sorrows (Hillsong Live)